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tv   [untitled]    May 20, 2012 3:00am-3:30am PDT

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supervisor chu: good morning and welcome to the budget and finance subcommittee meeting. we have jennifer and my act sfgtv. >> please silence also phones and electronic devices. in the documents to be included as part of file should be submitted to the court. -- to the clerk. supervisor chu: we had an item that was previously scheduled
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for this meeting or was noticed for this meeting, file number -- the approval of public trust exchange for the portion of the sea wall lot in exchange for another -- approval of lace -- approval of lease and maintenance agreement. we have rescheduled that item to appear on the june 6 the agenda. i just wanted to make that clear to members of the public to may be here for that item. that item is not on the calendar today but will be on the calendar for june the sixth period with that, why we call item no. 1. >> hearing on the creation of the office of early to provocation, consolidating ece fund. supervisor chu: this item was
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heard at the budget and finance committee before and was brought to us by supervisor avalos and others. supervisor avalos: thank you for your cosponsor ship. this is done to streamline functions round early troweled education. there has been an effort over many years to establish and offered of early childhood education that would involve major departments of this city, including the human services agency, the department of children, youth and families, first five and the san francisco unified school district and other departments. we had a hearing a couple of weeks ago. there has been high level discussions between all of these departments. and the mayor's office.
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it is our hope that we can have the creation of an office of early trouble digitation within the next fiscal year. there has been a lot of great work the office has done to make that happen and i want to think miss mendoza for her leading this effort and as well as others in the mail -- in the mayor's office. we are here to get a report back on how the discussions are going on a crate -- on creating an office of early childhood education. there has been a lot of great ideas and a good exchange of how these different apartment and work together. the major issue i'm interested in hearing about and probably the most complex one is the government and how these
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entities will relate to one another. i'm not -- i'm not necessarily wedded to that office. miss mendoza is here to give us a report back and i would welcome you to vote for it. thank you. >> good morning supervisors, and thank you for allowing us to give an update on where we are. i'm excited to be able to report back on the work that has been done.
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we have been working quite diligently, meeting quite a bit over the last few weeks to share with you some of the progress we have made and i am happy to say we have moved along a lot further than we have in the past. this is a positive report and i think we're going in the right direction. in the discussions we have had, we have focused on some really clear vision in and systems change to make this office a reality. we are happy to say all three departments were able to come up with a vision that encompasses all the children in san francisco and different areas of support provided to all of our youth. the vision of this office will work toward providing high quality care and education so all of our children are prepared and ready to succeed in school while providing all family safe, affordable, high-quality care
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for their children. it seems like an all encompassing, logical model to work on and so that is the business office will bring forward. we were also able to work on policy statements. there are various priorities in each of the departments but as we started to unfold these policies, there were some that were combined it and it some good priorities we felt this office needed to satisfy. we came up with seven policy statements we would like chiapas to focus on. as a disclaimer, these are all going to be recommendations. these have not been written in stone. this is about setting the structure within the leadership of each of these departments and wanting to put more meat on the bone as we reach out to the
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larger community. within these policy statements, we have that all children have access to all -- to high- quality education with a focus on equity. all children are prepared to succeed in school. all children are cared for by stable, well educated, highly trained, competent and well compensated early care and educated work force. all providers are given the necessary support to deliver high-quality early care and education. all families are engaged and provide the necessary support to access and receive high-quality early care and education and are able to actively participate in their child's school success. early care and education systems will be aligned with the k through 12 system and decisions are performance-based and data- driven. these are policy statements agreed upon by all three department heads. in thinking about the actual work of the office, there were two things we looked at.
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one is the joint rfp the focus on 10 areas where the joint dollars will be allocated. in addition to that, there is work of the office will have to focus on to improve systems and make sure we are being more efficient and friendly and all of our kids are getting served. we have identified three particular areas we think energy should be placed. one is access. this includes subsidies and vouchers, the waiting list, state and local contracts, title 5, tuition-based scholarships and -- tuition base and scholarships. the secondary is workforce. this includes compensation, training, technical assistance, coaching, retention, recruitment, and professional development. the last area is capacity building. this is the ancillary services
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necessary for kids to thrive which would include health and mental health, early literacy, capital, assessment, quality improvement, data, standards including cultural competency, business support, special needs, pre k to third grade and provider ease. we also agreed on target populations. as you know, there are various populations each of the department's focus on. it was very easy to agree on what needs to happen through this office. we have identified three different areas. one is the city-wide and the universal need. all san francisco children, 025 and their families. the concentrated need will be the areas where the need is concentrated, particularly the low income groups in these disproportionate areas of need.
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we have identified risk factors. this includes poverty, low income, undocumented, english learners, special needs, homeless, including sro's and couch surfing members. exposure to violence and foster care and chronic absenteeism. those are priority areas. the next step was to identify work plan. we are focusing on a 325 your work plan. -- on a three to five year work plan. this has been done in regard to the joint rfp that went out. as well as the current subsidy issues. as you have heard in the past, there are some real challenges that the state level with regard to potential restructuring and
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the potential $29 million budget deficit in this area. we are absolutely taking those considerations in mind as we work toward the goal of creating this office. but our main goal is to create an infrastructure that can handle these issues as they come into the office instead of creating the office to accommodate these issues. we have agreement that it is absolutely a priority to take into consideration the challenges the governor has put on to early care and education. those will all be priorities for us to consider with in the work plan. the new office logistical details was the next that we took. we asked the department to join us in a meeting yesterday and we had some conversations about what the new office would look like.
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the important components for us are about the back-office functions at what department has the capacity and capability of providing support services such as human resources, and the budget office as well as some of the other in the structure with a net. based on the conversations we have been having on the structure of this office, the priorities of this office and the work that needs to get done, we have landed on the idea that the human services agency could provide those back office supports for this independent office. i want to be clear this is not an office within a department. this is an independent office that needs support from a department for the back room pieces of it. we are really clear with that.
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this is what i think has been helping us to move forward -- really understanding what the needs are going to be for this office. we are in conversations arawn what staffing would look like, what budget transfers and changes the to happen -- are browned what staffing would look like. -- all round. we are trying to make sure they're up to speed with everything happening and we have pulled in the cfo's and they are aware that transfers need to happen quickly so we feel confident and comfortable in terms of the conversation with regard to budget. the next piece is exactly what you were talking about, the
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governance structure. we're going to make a recommendation on what that structure would look like for this independent office. we want to be able to have conversations with the various entities and oversight committees that help to govern these three departments which would include the commission, the board of education, and out of the department of children, youth and families, the citizens' advisory council. the governance structure is going to be another very deep conversation we're going to have to bring forward a recommendation and we are meeting again tomorrow for another few hours to have those discussions. we are also starting conversations with the school district and we have a new superintendent who's going to be taking the helm in july and we
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wanted to make sure richard had a full understanding of what's the city's intentions are and the next piece is the community outreach and engagement program to make sure all of our stakeholders are supportive of the recommendations we are moving forward as well as to start putting meat on the bones. i want to thank trent, maria, laurel and rene for all their hard work. it has been some tough conversations but everyone continues to come to the table. everyone has been cooperative and collaborative and this has opened up a large book, the work we're doing jointly in the hope is to not have as many efficiency and we currently have and make the process a lot easier for the larger and i want
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to extend my gratitude to our stakeholders and the community. your patience in helping to move this forward has been tremendous and has helped us to focus our work and we are really excited we will be able to bring forward attempting to the larger community very shortly. based on what i have just shared with you, we are feeling comfortable and confident that this is the direction the community would like to see us go in. we are taking into consideration the principles front seat pac and the advice we're getting from the commission, but we have three large agencies we are combining and we want to be able to serve all our kids and we're keeping that in mind. that is our target call and i'm excited and looking forward to continuing to move this project on the road with hopes of opening an independent office very soon. thank you.
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supervisor avalos: thank you. i want to thank you for all your work and grappling with these difficult discussions. i would like to thank everyone again for their work and i appreciate the free market have laid out. a lot of the framework we have discussed as a community over the past year and i think it sounds like it's moving in the right direction. my biggest concern is that as we create this office that we make sure all of these different departments, their part is well defined and each one has a sense that they contributed to the hole and we have a new version of how we deliver the services with that in put and they feel satisfied with it.
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it sounds like we are getting their and i think it's a great credit to the work you have done. i also want to thank the stake holders to of come together to make this happen as well. we would not be here without their pushing and the consolidation of these functions is a key part to how we can be better city and county government. all of us working together will make that change. what i would like to see if we can do is continue this side of and get the report back based on the movement through this next week. would -- would be okay coming back the following week to the five-member committee? >> absolutely. the work we will do tomorrow will enhance the plan even more so. at some point, we won to be able -- we want to be able -- the heart conversation we're
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going to have to spend a lot of time on will be the staffing component, what kinds of requisitions we have available at outside funding and support is a possibility. those pieces are starting to come together, but i want to continue to keep you abreast of all the work of three departments are doing because it is really good work they have been doing together. when you would like us back, whether it's next week for the week after, we will keep you on -- in the loop on the work that is continuing to happen. supervisor kim: i don't have a question, just comments when this comes back to us in the hearing, one of the main things i like to hear about -- i think what was presented was excellent and i'm happy to see some much headway has been made over the year on how we can combine the work multiple departments have
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been engaging in around early in child care and early childhood education and i like that we are focusing city-wide but we have some priority populations we want to target, whether it is english language warners, a -- or those exposed to violence, my question is how are we going to use our limited funds to penetrate the target population that what that means because we're not clearly going to be a cover every child. how does that work happen? one of my concerns and i know it has been expressed at the budget committee is that we see these surpluses and high levels of revenue that have been set aside. i know it's important to save for the future because we are anticipating a deep cut that the state level, but it is hard when we have families today when our offices are telling us individually that they cannot get into child-care and
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preschool so how we create a better balance of revenue? especially since we did pass proposition h and there's a strong expectation from voters that money would be spent. how to create that problem -- supervisor chu: why don't we open this item up for public comment? if anyone wishes to speak on this item, please line up in the center aisle. first speaker, please. >> ♪ when the budget is in the city house and jupiter aligns with mars and peace will guide the education and love and money will steer the scars. ♪ this is the dawning of the
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office of education. offices -- office of early education. early education. ♪ and will have lots of money and will have lots of education to and will have lots of good things in the city, what we? ♪ it will guide the education to imagination as early education. this is the dawning of the early education. ♪ early education. ♪ why don't you give them money a big thumb. early education ♪ supervisor chu: to any other speakers wish to comment on item number one? seeing none, public comment is
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closed. supervisor avalos: thank you for the presentation. there is great progress and we can keep things moving by getting that report back next wednesday. i would like a motion that we hear it in a five member committee next week. >> there is a motion to hear the item or continue the eye of next week to the five-person full budget committee. just the members of the public know, we are heading into the budget season for enterprise departments begin next week and we will not have a subcommittee meeting the last two weeks of may. however, since this is a budget issue, i think that would be no problem hearing it in a five person committee. there is a motion to send the item or continue the item to the five-person committee for may 23. we can do that without objection. thank you. item #2. >> resolution authorizing bill
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leased by t-mobile west corp. of approximately 160 rentable square feet at 720 moscow street for the san francisco fire department. >> good morning. i'm the acting director of real estate. the item before you today is involving fire station 43 at 720 moscow street located right across the street from crocker amazon. the station was built about 1970. this is a look at the facade of the station. the item today is regarding a cellular communication facility on the property. i have some pictures i wanted to show to give a sense of the
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fairly good job of the installation of this facility. cahoyou have to look very closeo see the antenna array. adjacent to the building is the structure providing the power. a system of conduits alongside. atop the building, you really have to zoom in to see the facility. ordinarily, this would be a simple item to bring before you. their rate going forward is a
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market rate, however there is a bit of a tortured history sought want to give you the history of this agreement. -- the planning department provided general plan conformance at that time. a permit was issued to singular weiler -- singular wireless in september of 2003 to allow the installation of the facility. at that time, there was no lease agreement between the city and cingular. there was also a command change underway at the fire department where the chief was on his way out and that current chief was on her way in, assuming command in january of 2004. in reviewing their real-estate records of the property, we have no evidence of real estate
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involvement until 2009. this facility was atop the fire station for approximately six years before negotiations commenced. that was outreach to the successor entity because what also happened, not only were the staff changes on going on the city side of this transaction, but there was a merger between cingular and at&t. as part of that agreement, there was a requirement to spin off certain sites to other entities. in this case, this particular site was spun off to t-mobile and that was effectuated in january of 2005. we had a number of changes in operations on both sides of the
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fence, both the private side and the public side. in july 2009, staff began to outreach to t mobil in an effort to secure a complete return of funds owed for the time of occupancy as well as structuring the lease going forward. those discussions became increasingly difficult as time went on. supervisor chu: can i ask you to pause quickly -- i believe that because supervisor avalos lives within 500 feet of this, i would like to make a motion to recuse supervisor avalos and we can do that without objection. thank you. >> in the summer of 2009, those discussions began and t-mobile was unresponsive to begin with. by 2011, we reached a corporate
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level where we began our earnest discussions of the structure of the agreement to take care of the original for what was then eight years of occupancy and the least going afford. what is before you today is a resolution of all that and is in some sense in lieu of a legal settlement. we have maximize the amount of money we could retain from the firm to include not only rental structure from september 1, 2003 to current as well as an estimate of the utility charges the city incurred as a result of this facility and the electricity used. that total sum is a $318,989. that's a onetime payment to bring this to current. going forward, prospectively, this is a five-year agreement at $3,500 a month with three five-year options thereafter, each year a consumer